Mari Palma reveals attacks received after divorce from Phelipe Siani: ‘They are using my father’

Journalist made an outburst saying that they also invent things and question his sexuality

Mari Palma vented after using her father’s name to hurt her

The journalist Mary Palma revealed this Tuesday, 7, on social networks the attacks he has suffered since announcing the end of his marriage to the journalist Phillip Siani. “I didn’t really want to have to post about it, but it’s reached a level where I have to take a stand because now my dad is being used. That the rope always breaks towards the woman’s side is nothing new. You have no idea how many messages I’ve received attacking myself, making things up about myself, questioning issues as intimate as my sexuality… but that’s okay, unfortunately I’m used to it, I’m strong and I can there against it. But using my father’s name to attack me, no. I do not accept this,” posted the journalist, who lost her father Luiz in 2021. In one of Mari’s posts, the follower said, “Stop posting a picture of your dad. Don’t be boring. Let him rest in peace. And besides, he should be ashamed of the childish thing you did to PH. Your father must be ashamed of you, you spoiled childish brat.

In her outburst, the former journalist said against Globe replied, “No, my father is not ashamed of me. On the contrary, he spent every year of his life here in this world saying how proud he was of the woman I was becoming. And it won’t be an anonymous message that makes me forget. So here’s where I draw my line, guys: I love the connection I have with each of you and I appreciate all the messages of affection I’ve thankfully received as well, but there’s a part of my life that belongs to me. Only mine. And I really hope you respect that.” Journalists announced their divorce last Friday the 3rd, they were married for five months, but in total they spent six years together. Phelipe left a comment on Mari’s message expressing support: “Luiz Palma has physically left, but he is still here with us in the same way… full of pride for the wonderful woman his daughter has become. And it’s not one or some hapless bastard who’s going to say otherwise.”

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