Manu Gavassi Candidly Says He Was Left Out of the Latin Grammys: ‘It Wasn’t an Easy Day’

Artist didn’t hide his frustration at not seeing ‘Cute’ among the nominees for the award

Reproduction/Disney+/Instagram/manugavassiAlbum Gracinha, by Manu Gavassi, was omitted from the 2022 Latin Grammy

which indicated to Latin Grammy 2022 were announced last Tuesday the 20th and Brazilian artists such as Anitta, Ludmilla, Jão, Criolo, Luísa Sonza and Maiara and Maraisa are among the competitors. However, some singers were left out of the prizes to the amazement of the audience, as is the case with the singer Manu Gavassi. The artist used social media to vent after “Gracinha” had not received any indication. “I didn’t want to let this moment go unnoticed, because for me it didn’t,” stated the former participant of “BBB 20”, thanking followers who complained on social networks about the project’s absence from the Grammys. “I’m here to see everything, read every word, feed myself with the energy of this beautiful dream that is ‘Cute’ through the eyes of you, who understood the greatness. One movie, two albums, months and months, energy and heart invested.”

Manu made no secret of the frustration that his project was not among the Grammy nominees. “Today was not an easy day for my thinking and dreamy little head. But then I remember my whole career wasn’t either, it’s a series of trials and tribulations and I’ve come to understand that and use that fuel to make more and more art with purpose and light.” The album “Gracinha” was released in 2021 and won a visual version available on Disney+. “Maybe it’s a project that’s really ahead of its time, on what’s expected and what’s being consumed. But it made me the artist I am today. Sometimes invisible, but (almost) always innovative. Love you. I love who made and will make ‘Cute’ me. Thank you for being here with me on every new journey,” concluded the artist, who received support from celebrities. “You are giant, Manu,” the actress wrote. Marina Ruy Barbosa. “I cry when I see it,” said the actor. Bruno Gagliasso. “What a great project,” added the musician Lucas Lima.

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