Manga readers are fighting back over a controversial release of Kamen Rider

Kamen Rider fans outside of Japan have faced a number of issues over the years in terms of enjoying releases of the franchise legally and in high quality, and the Kamen Rider Kuuga’The English-language manga edition has come under fire from readers and fans for its controversial translations. Although the first two volumes of Titan Comics’ Kamen Rider Kuuga have been out for a while, it has come to the attention of some fans that there seemed to be one difference between the translation teased during the previews, and the one that was actually released with the physical volumes.

The discrepancy between the previews and the actual release has received so much attention due to known errors with the translation (even leading to accusations of relying on a raw machine translation), that Titan Comics has released a statement about the complaints via their official Twitter account. Noting that the early sample pages were “translated for marketing purposes”. Their statement reads as follows:

What happens to Kamen Rider Kuuga?

“In response to online fan discussions about the recent manga releases of Kamen Rider Kuuga Volumes 1 and 2, we wanted to address some of the points that have been raised and clarify,” the statement from Titan Comics begins. “We appreciate the fans bringing this to our attention. April 2022, early draft pages (three pages for part 1 and four pages for part 2) were translated for marketing purposes, because we wanted to release the artwork to the fans as soon as possible. These may still be circulating on the internet.”

The statement then caused a bit of a problem with fans, as it then seems to note that the printed books (which contain the errors in particular) were edited by their “highly respected translators” and then approved: “The actual translation for the printed books (approved by Titan and licensors) worked on by two highly respected translators in the business, we are thrilled to release such a beloved franchise as Kamen Rider Kuuga English speaking audience and appreciate the comments from the fans.”

The statement from Titan Comics seems to precede the discussion about the translations Kamen Rider Kuuga, and with Volumes 3 and 4 already on the way, fans will likely be keeping a close eye on how future releases develop in hopes that the same thing doesn’t happen again. Fans of Kamen Rider in general already have enough trouble getting releases outside of Japan, and this kind of controversy doesn’t help matters.

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