Man breaks into Keanu Reeves’ house and sends actor through moments of panic

According to the website TMZ, Keanu Reeves filed a restraining order against a man who repeatedly broke into his home, as well claims to be related to the actor.

According to an international website, Bryan Dixon allegedly harassed Reeves and his partner Alexandra Grant for months. In addition, it found ways to enter the actor’s property. Reeves allegedly hired a security company to investigate Dixon.

Also according to reports, Dixon reportedly slept on Keanu’s property several times, in addition to leaving a suspicious backpack at the scene. The perpetrator already has another restraining order, for “alleged home burglary with criminal intent, possession of theft tools and vandalism”.

Under the temporary restraining order, Dixon is not allowed to come within 90 yards of Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant.

Keanu Reeves is one of the biggest names in cinema. He stood out in the franchise Matrix where he played Neo. He is currently participating in the franchise John Wickwhose fourth film will be released in March of this year.

Among other films that the actor was a part of are Champion’s Vein, Crazy Night, Bill & Ted, Speed, The 47 Ronin and SpongeBob Rescue.

Reeves will appear in the John Wick spin-off

Keanu Reeves at CCXP22 (Disclosure/CCXP22)

The John Wick franchise grows, after the fourth film, Baba Yagathere will also be a spin-off movie, titled ballerinaand also a series whose name is The Continental.

In an interview for the specialist magazine Total moviespoke to Reeves about his participation ballerinawhose main character will be played Ana de Armas.

“It’s a cool story. [O diretor] Len Wiseman has a vision, but he also lovingly embraces the world of John Wick. Ian McShane stars as Winston.”

The actor stated that his role is a cameo and that he worked with Ana for a short time.

“So I felt like there was a nice transfer of stewardship, and it was nice to wear the suit again, if only briefly. There’s a reason for that [John] being in Ballerina; it’s very organic. And the collaboration with Ana was great. She really likes action and is really good at it.”

The events of ballerina takes place between chapters three and four of John Wick, and follows assassin Rooney, who searches for her family’s killers. In John Wick 4the famous and feared assassin must face various enemies, as well as allies, to achieve his freedom.

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