Malcolm in the Middle star Bryan Cranston confirms talks have been held for Reboot Movie

Today, rebooting fan favorite sitcoms is quite a popular practice. In fact, Netflix debuts the That 1970s show continued series, That ’90s show, this month. Turns out that might not be the only hit sitcom from the early 2000s getting a second chance at life. Before he was known as Walter White in break badly, Bryan Cranston starred as Hal Malcolm in the middle. Recently, Malcolm himself told Frankie Muniz Fox news that his former TV dad was developing a reboot. Cranston recently addressed the rumours E! News.

“There was some talk about the possibility of doing a reunion movie of Malcolm in the middle“We had such a great family, and I’d definitely be open to that if a good idea came along — like, ‘Oh, that would be fantastic to explore what happened to this family 20 years later.’ I can’t believe it already is, but it would be fun to do.”

In October, series creator Linwood Boomer spoke Weekly entertainment about the idea. “We’re talking about it,” Boomer revealed. “We all think it would be nice if we got the right idea. Honestly, it would go a lot faster if everyone wasn’t so annoying.” He added that Cranston was “sort of on the way to writing the script and getting everything rolling.”

Malcolm in the middle won seven Emmy awards during its run from 2000 to 2006. In addition to Cranston and Muniz, the sitcom starred Jane Kaczmarek, Christopher Masterson, Justin Berfield, Erik Per Sullivan, and James and Lukas Rodriguez.

What happened to Erik Per Sullivan?

Erik Per Sullivan, who played Dewey Malcolm in the middlehas not occurred since 2010. Muniz recently did an interview with Malcolm France (through Boy Bible) and revealed that he’s not sure what Sullivan, who is now 31, is up to these days.

“Honestly, I don’t know what he’s up to,” Muniz explained. “I hate to say that because I’ve talked to him a few times since the show ended.” He added, “I talked to his parents a lot. When I was in the band, we went to play in the town where he lives and his parents came to the show, but unfortunately he couldn’t be there.”

“But one thing I know, some actors or some people just had to do it when they were a kid and then they wanted to experience other things and kind of live a more normal life away from the spotlight,” Muniz continued. “I think he wanted to do that so well for him.”

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