Madonna poses in a fur coat and is criticized on social media

Singer made posts on Instagram that were sensual with clothes

Play/Instagram/@madonnaSinger Madonna posts a photo and video with a fur coat on Instagram

The singer Madonna to be fond of Instagram, wearing a fur coat this week and was criticized by followers. In a 35 second video, published this Monday the 21st, the composer, in coat and gloves, sensates in a dark environment, with burning candles and bottles of wine. In the publication’s caption, she wrote, “With the will to love”. On Tuesday the 22nd, the artist posted a photo with the same coat in the same setting. “I would like to put you in a trance,” he wrote this time. However, the publications generated criticism of the pop star. Followers were harassed and said the fur was made of animal hair. “The murder of these defenseless souls will mean the end of you Madonna,” one netizen commented. A second follower posted, with a fox emoticon, who was sad watching the video. “I will always love you, but I can’t look at you anymore. You’re not the woman I used to look up to.” “Fur is cruel. Wear your own skin,” pinned a third.

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