Lycoris Recoil Announces 2023 Live Action Stage Play

Anime continues to expand around the world, with countless countries having the opportunity to see new series and movies emerging from the medium. One aspect of anime that has yet to be achieved in many other countries is the live-action stage adaptations done in Japan, with major franchises such as My Hero Academia, Beastars, Narutoand Spiritually gone are just a few examples of anime taking the stage. Now one of the biggest anime franchises of 2022 is getting its own play next year, like Lycoris recoil has announced a live-action adaptation.

Lycoris recoil was surprisingly able to crown a new anime adaptation that was considered the biggest of this year, like Spy x Family topped the streaming charts in Japan for some time before this story of high-octane action emerged and dethroned the Forger Family. The play itself, which will film the story of “Direct Attack,” an organization that employs hard-core female operatives who carry out deadly missions, will run January 7-15 at the Galaxy Theater in Tokyo.

Live action recoil

The main cast includes Misato Kawauchi as Chisato Nishikigi, Sakiho Motonishi as Takina Inoue, Nonoka Obuchi as Kurumi, Mikako Ishii as Mizuki Nakahara, Keigo Kitamura as Mika, Natsuki Mieda as Kusunoki, Marina Tanoue as Fuki Harukawa, Sakura Ayaki as Sakura Otomoe, Anna Iijiri as Erika Janome and Kento Ono as Shinji Yoshimatsu.

If you haven’t had a chance to dive into the world of Direct Attack, Crunchyroll currently has the entire first season on the streaming service with an official description of Lycoris recoil for those interested in this action packed anime:

“For these peaceful days, there is a secret behind it all. A secret organization that prevents crimes: “DA – Direct Attack”. And their group of female agents: “Lycoris”. This peaceful daily life is all thanks to these young girls. The elite Chisato Nishikigi is the strongest Lycoris agent of all time. Alongside Takina Inoue, the talented but mysterious Lycoris. They work together in one of the branches – Café LycoReco. Here this café takes the orders from coffee and sweets to childcare, shopping , teaching Japanese to foreign students, etc. They are usually tasks that do not suit Lycoris. The free-spirited and optimistic pacifist, Chisato. And the level-headed and efficient Takina. The chaotic daily life of this mismatched duo begins!”

Via Crunchyroll

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