Luiza Brunet talks about Glória Maria’s daughters: ‘They suffer a lot’

Journalist, who was veiled this Friday, 3, was the mother of Maria and Laura; she adopted the girls herself in 2009

Glória Maria adopted Maria and Laura in 2009

The model and business woman Louise Brunet attended this Friday, 3, in the wake of the journalist Glory Mary, which took place at the Crematorium and Cemetery of Penitência in Rio de Janeiro. The Globo journalist died on the morning of Thursday the 2nd due to complications from cancer, leaving two daughters, Maria, 15, and Laura, 14. young after the death of their mother: “The girls suffer a lot, like all daughters suffer. They are also supported.” Glória adopted her daughters in 2009 alone, and stated in an interview with the magazine To look that if she died they would stay with their godparents. Luiza also talked about how much the reporter will be missed in her daily life.

“Gloria is the funniest and sweetest woman I have ever met in my life. She showed it in front of the camera, but outside she was funnier and even more beautiful. An extraordinary woman,” said the model, who described the journalist as “a dear friend”. “We don’t understand death when it comes, especially of a person Brazil loves.” Glória received several tributes from celebrities and journalists after her death. Celebrities such as Marina Ruy Barbosa, Maju Coutinho, Camila Queiroz, Klebber Toledo and Pedro Bial were also present at the wake.

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