Ludmilla target of racism on social media and explodes: ‘Tired of this p**’

Singer quoted a new law on race accidents in response

Play/Instagram/@ludmillaLudmilla responded to the profile calling her a monkey on Twitter

The singer Ludmilla was called a monkey on social networks this Wednesday the 18th by a profile of Anitta fans and reacted. “Now that the president has signed into law racist comments to the crime of racism, they will get what they deserve. I’m tired of this shit already!” he wrote on his Twitter account, reposting the offense. Last Wednesday, January 11, the President Lula sanctioned the law making punishment more difficult for those who commit racial harm, equating it with the crime of racism, which is not bailable and unpredictable (with no date to prescribe). Convicted, the person can face two to five years in prison and can double when committed by two or more people.

ludmilla is called macaca

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