Luciana Gimenez talks about recovering from an accident: ‘I can’t stop having nightmares’

Presenter recovering in the United States and still not allowed to come to Brazil; she still gets around using a wheelchair

Play/Instagram/lucianagimenezLuciana Gimenez had to undergo emergency surgery after a skiing accident

the presenter Luciana Gimenez made an outburst on his Instagram profile during the recovery process accident he suffered while skiing in Aspen, USA. US, stating that he still has nightmares about the fall. “Thank you to all my friends for the love received. It’s been very painful, really… I’m going to be strong, but I still can’t stop having nightmares about the fall… The pain is sometimes unbearable,” the presenter said in the stories with a photo of her leg full of bruises and said she was done 14 days after the accident on Saturday, 21. Gimenez was released from the hospital on the 12th, but he is still undergoing treatment and has not yet been able to return to Brazil. “My God, how it hurts… but now it’s one day at a time! And thanks for having the solution and learning the best… I still don’t know. If I find out, I’ll tell you,” the presenter concluded. After the accident, the presenter’s adviser explained that she had “skied on a steep track at high speed” and had an accident when attempting to stop. Luciana received first aid at the scene and was later taken to hospital by ambulance. On examination, fractures to the leg were found in four different places and she had to undergo emergency surgery. The presenter still moves around with a wheelchair.

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