Luciana Gimenez talks about pain after accident: ‘Forgetting how much it hurts’

Presenter had an accident while skiing in the United States and is recovering

Play/Instagram/lucianagimenezLuciana Gimenez had an accident while skiing in the United States

the presenter Luciana Gimenez made an outburst on her social networks on Tuesday 24. She is recovering from a skiing accident in Aspen, in the US. Luciana said she is still in a lot of pain the last few days. “Hoping that one day I forget how much this hurts,” the presenter wrote via stories on her Instagram. In the same publication, Luciana showed that her leg was immobilized and still purple from the accident. In another publication she shows a large number of medicines to control severe pain. She recently ranted about the accident. “Thank you to all my friends for the love received. It has been very painful, really… I will be strong, but I still can’t stop having nightmares about the fall… The pain is unbearable at times,” he said. ‘My God, how it hurts… but now it’s one day at a time! And thanks for having the solution and learning the best… I still don’t know. When I find out, I will tell you,” he added. He was released from hospital on the 12th but is still receiving treatment.

Instagram Luciana Gimenez

Luciana Gimenez posts new photo of her leg to Instagram and talks about post-accident pain Reproduction/Instagram/@lucianagimenez

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