Luciana Gimenez is fired after an accident in the US

Presenter will start light physiotherapy in the next ten days

Play/Instagram/@lucianagimenezLuciana Gimenez has been released from hospital after a skiing accident

the presenter Luciana Gimenez was discharged from the hospital on Thursday evening the 12th after a skiing accident in Aspen, USA. US. The case took place last Saturday, July 7. The artist’s consultant reported that she will begin light physical therapy in the next ten days. She had broken her leg in four different places and had to undergo emergency surgery. Luciana Gimenez had two tibia fractures between her knee and ankle and broke her fibula in two other parts. Pins were placed to stabilize the tibia. “She will be unable to stand on her feet for the next six weeks and will begin light physical therapy for the next ten days. While immobilized, she will use crutches, a walker and a wheelchair to get around,” the note said. The presenter’s team says she will take painkillers and will be supervised by her doctors in Brazil. “For the pain she still feels, medication will be administered at home and follow-up will also be provided by her doctors in Brazil who have already accompanied the presenter during her hospitalization and will continue after discharge,” he added. So far, Luciana Gimenez has no plans to return to Brazil. To travel by air, a medical certificate is required to avoid future problems that may arise during a long flight, such as from the US to Brazilian territory. The presenter also thanked the rescuers and everyone who sent positive messages. “Luciana and her family are extremely grateful to the rescuers, the mountain team, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and all those who have encouraged her and given her good energy,” he added.

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