Lucas Lucco cancels performances after medical advice; know what happened

The Sertanejo singer has been diagnosed with dengue and has to rest for the rest of the week

Play/Instagram/lucasluccoLucas Lucco was diagnosed with dengue and canceled shows

The singer Luke Luke had to cancel his professional commitments for the next few days after being diagnosed dengue. The message was published on the artist’s social networks last Tuesday the 17th: “The Lucas Lucco team informs that due to the positive diagnosis for dengue, the participation and shows that the singer was supposed to perform this week are cancelled”. The note also speaks about the artist’s health: “Lucas is recovering and on medical advice he will rest. We appreciate everyone’s love and understanding”. The team of the sertanejo has not specified which performances have been canceled and the last concert schedule released on the artist’s social networks dates from December last year. For this reason, he was one of the famous speculators as a possible participant in the “BB 23”, but Lucas did not enter the most guarded house in Brazil. The artist, who scored hits like bae and 11 lives, will release part 2 of the EP “777” this week. “I don’t know about you, but I’m already ready for the release on 20/01,” the singer posted earlier this week.

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