Low return of wristbands at Coldplay shows in SP is causing controversy and dividing opinion

On social networks, fans claim that the ticket price entitles them to get the object and make tutorials to activate LED lighting at home

MAURO PIMENTEL / AFPColdplay is doing a series of shows in Brazil in March

The arrival of the band Play cold for a series of shows at the Brazil has sparked much controversy among fans. On social networks, a photo of the screens of the It isMorumbi Stadium viralilou, in which the production of English artists claims so Sao Paulo is the city that returned the least bracelets plastic used as part of the attraction. In the list, the capital São Paulo is in last place, with only 79% of the returns. At the top of the ranking is Buenos Aires with 94%, followed by Santiago with 86% and Bogotá with 85%. The wristbands are an important milestone for the ‘Music Of The Spheres World Tour’ shows, which light up in different ways during the show, depending on the pre-selection of songs for the artists’ repertoire. To encourage sustainability, Coldplay asks that they be returned at the end of the event for reuse in other shows.

In publications, netizens complained about the attitude of Brazilian fans and stated that it makes no sense to keep the bracelets, since they do not work without commands from Coldplay’s lighting team. “I think it’s very ugly that we are always the country that stands out for not following orders, for wanting to pay smartly, I’m ashamed,” wrote one internet user. “Don’t return the Coldplay concert bracelet equal to bad character,” another profile opined. Others believe that the object can be an affective memory and that the price of the ticket pays off. If I went to a Coldplay concert, I would never give it back. I like to keep things for affective memory,” defended one user. “This history of environmental conservation is a joke. Do you really think if I pay R$700 I will return the bracelet?” asked another. Last Monday, the 13th, one of the band’s fan clubs in Brazil issued a note directing fans to follow the band’s recommendations. However, last night, spectators were spotted returning from the show with some of the sets used for the performances.

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