Loki Travels to Marvel’s House of Ideas in Defenders Beyond Finale (Exclusive)

Marvel Comics may be called the “House of Ideas,” but there’s a literal place in the Marvel Universe that uses the name as well. Loki and his group of defenders pay a visit to the House of Ideas in the finale of Defenders: Beyond. The five-issue limited series reunites writer Al Ewing and artist Javier Rodríguez, who previously collaborated on last year. Defenders: There are no rules. This ragtag team of defenders consists of Loki, Blue Marvel, Tigra, America Chavez and Taaia, the mother of Galactus. They have traveled through the various cosmos in the Marvel Universe and encountered Beyonders and even the Phoenix, but what secrets does the House of Ideas hold?

ComicBook.com has an exclusive preview of it Defenders: done #5 by Al Ewing, Javier Rodríguez and Joe Caramagna from VC. It begins with two different versions of Loki looking at each other. They each come from a different cosmos in the Marvel Universe and the Loki from the eighth cosmos tries to take a look at the recent past. Loki, Blue Marvel, Taaia, America Chavez, and Tigra then walk up a spiral staircase to the front door of the House of Ideas, which has a “Closed” sign on it. Blue Marvel opens the door anyway, where they meet The One Above All.

Marvel’s new Defenders series

There have been many different Defenders teams throughout Marvel history. The first iteration featured Doctor Strange, Hulk, Namor, and the Silver Surfer. Since then we have seen an all-female team The fearless defendersas well as a street-level team consisting of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones.

“It’s great to be back telling stories with Javier on another DEFENDERS book – he’s more than an artist, he’s the other half of the equation,” Al Ewing said at the time. Defenders: done was announced. “There are no DEFENDERS without him. And of course we had to get even bigger – so in this book we go on a magical journey into the Mystery itself, mapping the Marvel Godhead and bringing back knowledge related to what has disappeared before that comes some seismic stuff… and if we’re lucky, maybe a little off-the-page magic to feed your hungry head We have an eclectic new group of defenders chosen for the task by Stephen’s last spell Strange – I’m saying what’s probably a final goodbye to a lot of things from the last decade with this one, and for at least one character, this will be the last adventure. Hope you survive the psychedelic experience, pilgrim!”

“Al Ewing is like a wizard who opens doors to the greatest ‘larger-than-life’ stories you can imagine,” said Rodríguez. “He could guide you through the most cosmic and spectacular passages of the Marvel Universe. And at the same time, he cares about each of the characters in the team, their lives, their specific problems, so that you worry about them. And that’s I’ve had a lot of fun translating that into visuals. Those are the reasons why I’m so happy to be returning to THE DEFENDERS.”

The exclusive preview of Defenders: done #5 is below. The issue goes on sale Wednesday, November 23.

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