Logan Paul Addresses The Elephant In The Room About His WWE Crown Jewel Match With Roman Reigns

Logan Paul’s undefeated streak is up for the biggest test yet this weekend WWE crown jewel when the social media star turned wrestler takes on Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. While he does technically have a zero in the loss column, ‘undefeated’ has a huge star next to it: he’s had two games. Paul first arrived in WWE leading up to WWE WrestleMania 37, joining Sami Zayn. A year later, Paul had his first match at WWE WrestleMania 38, tagging with The Miz in a victorious effort against the Mysterios. After an unexpected Skull-Crushing Finale at the hands of Miz, Paul took revenge on his former tag partner at WWE SummerSlambeating Miz in singles.

Three months later, Paul is challenged for the top prize in the company.

Speaking on the TimboSugarShow with Tim Welch & Sean O’MalleyPaul admitted he realizes his early title shot is “ridiculous”.

“That’s ridiculous and I admit it,” said Paul (h/t pugnacious). “But I don’t recognize the chief and I’m going to fix him up in Saudi Arabia.”

While no one has explicitly objected to the match, Paul noted that he thinks some WWE superstars aren’t too excited about his chance.

“Honestly, I tell myself [in the locker room]”Paul continued. “I can imagine there are some wrestlers who have a hard time going for a title in my third match.”

Coincidentally, this isn’t the first time a wrestler has won a WWE world title on WWE crown jewel in their third ever wrestling match. UFC Fighter Cain Velasquez Challenged Brock Lesnar For The WWE Championship At WWE crown jewel 2019. Although this was Velasquez’ WWE debut match, he had wrestled two fights for Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide earlier in the year. Velasquez’s match against Lesnar, which lasted just over two minutes, turned out to be his only televised WWE match. Velasquez’s last wrestling match was last December, winning a trio match on AAA TripleMania Regia 2021.

Logan also kicks off this match with some family momentum. His brother, Jake Paul, defeated UFC legend Anderson Silva in a boxing match last weekend by unanimous decision. That win lifted his boxing record to 6-0.

Paul will fly to Saudi Arabia next Tuesday for his match against Reigns, which will be played Saturday, November 5 at 8 p.m. WWE crown jewel.

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