Logan Lerman reveals hilarious story of Chris Hemsworth confusing his identity

While Hollywood productions take their camera crews around the world, there are a number of hot spots where multiple shots often take place at once. That was the case in Fall 2021, as Prague was home to both Prime Videos Hunters Season 2 and Netflix’s Extraction 2. Both projects occupy their own areas in the Czech capital, but their proximity to each other led to some stars sharing some spots when they weren’t on set. That was the case before Hunters protagonist Logan Lerman, as he often trained in the same gym as Extraction 2by Chris Hemsworth.

“Chris Hemsworth was staying there, and he’s filming. They’re doing Extraction 2, and we’re [also] filming out there,” Lerman told Jimmy Fallon The tonight show. “This is an action show, so you have to, you know, keep working out and stuff like that. I’d always go to the gym and I’d get stuck, just me and Chris Hemsworth, and there’s nothing more discouraging than working out besides Chris Hemsworth (laughs).”

Lerman and Hemsworth sharing a weight room led to some odd conversation here and there. According to the previous Percy Jackson star, Hemsworth had “no idea” who he was.

“We’re there a lot and we start talking. And for some reason he thought I was a stuntman in his movie,” Lerman continued. “And so I never told him I wasn’t (laughs). I just pretended I was just the stuntman in his movie, like I showed up every day. I was like, ‘Yeah, work was crazy yesterday on the prison set. ‘ “Yes, sure. Absolutely. I know what you mean.”

At the time of writing, Lerman and Hemsworth have yet to work together, but both share the experience of running a franchise. Lerman starred in two live-action film adaptations of the Percy Jackson novels, while Hemsworth has played Thor since 2011, both in his own self-titled franchise and each Avengers movie so far.

from Hemsworth Extraction 2 is expected to be released on Netflix in the summer, while Lerman can be seen Hunters Season 2 will begin streaming the new episodes on Friday, January 13.

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