Lionsgate Announces Red Carpet Shareholder Rewards Including Stock Certificates Featuring Twilight, John Wick and More

Lionsgate is taking the unprecedented step of offering a rewards program for its shareholders. The studio that delivered blockbusters John Wick, hunger gamesThe Twilight Saga, Dirty Dancing, consumables, Ghosts, Saw, Current, Now you see meand crazy men Brands and franchises is partnering with leading consumer shareholder loyalty platform TiiCKER for its new Shareholder Red Carpet Rewards program in the hopes of increasing shareholder engagement. Verified shareholders will be offered a range of benefits, including limited-edition, collectible Lionsgate shareholder commemoration certificates featuring Lionsgate movies and television series, 50% off an annual subscription to the global streaming platform STARZ, discounts on movie tickets in partnership with Atom Tickets, discounts at a wide variety of Lionsgate events, experiences and merchandise, giveaways and sweepstakes with the opportunity to win free movie tickets and screenings of your hometown.

“Lionsgate Shareholder Red Carpet Rewards is a great opportunity to connect with our retail investors by partnering with the best shareholder loyalty platform TiiCKER to leverage our portfolio of film and television properties to create an experience with lasting value for our shareholders,” said Jenefer Brown, Lionsgate EVP, Head of Global Products & Experiences. “It’s a groundbreaking way to connect with retail shareholders as we continue to expand the world of our biggest brands to consumers around the world.”

“We are excited to announce our first partnership with a world-class Hollywood film and television studio and their tens of millions of subscribers and fans by using the TiiCKER platform to build shareholder loyalty and engagement,” said Jeff Lambert ( Tii: JEFE), founder and CEO of TiiCKER. “Individual shareholders are loyal and want to connect with the companies they own and Lionsgate’s Shareholder Rewards program is the most comprehensive set of benefits and experiences ever introduced by a publicly traded company. We are honored to be their partner in this blockbuster- program.”

Shareholders of the Red Carpet Rewards program can find their benefits at or in the TiiCKER app. As far as redeeming these benefits, a shareholder must create an account and link it to their brokerage account, which verifies their shareholding. In addition to rewarding shareholders with free benefits and VIP access, Lionsgate and its retail investors can now interact and interact directly on the platform.

This is quite an interesting incentive to get more eyes and possibly customers to buy up shares of your product. How successful the partnership between Lionsgate and TiiCKER is is to be monitored, although fans of the Twilight and John Wick franchises have something else to look forward to.

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