Lightyear’s Biggest Twist had to change because of another movie

As Pixar fans will remember, Toy story 2 pretty clearly established that the evil Emperor Zurg was none other than Buzz Lightyear’s father. Back then, this joke was usually just one Star Wars reference, and not one that should have been taken super seriously in terms of canon. So then a trailer for last summer Light year movie confirmed that Zurg would appear in the upcoming movie, fans braced for the return of that familiar reveal, only to see the movie count on you to think so and then pull the rug out from under you.

In conversation with DeWrap, director Angus MacLane confirmed they were originally going to stick with this reveal, a deleted scene available in the home media release. One of the main reasons they changed it is that the movie Ad Astra, another space-themed film with father themes, was released while they were in production for the spin-off. “A lot comes down to how much value you have as an audience to see someone get into a fight with their father,” MacLane told the outlet.

As you may recall, the big Zurg reveal is in Light year is that Buzz himself is the man under the giant robot helmet. Voiced by James Brolin, this alternate version of the space warden is one who has traveled to the distant future and amassed advanced technology in an attempt to change the past. “I imagine his dogged determination to complete the mission would cause him to stop eating,” MacLane said of the Evil Buzz’s gaze. “Still recognizable (as) the hero, but (with) a vulnerability. The years of obsession had driven him wild.”

Even though Lightyear had a disappointing performance at the box office, that didn’t stop fans and the cast from thinking about what other characters from the Toy Story universe might wear to their own movies. Captain America himself Chris Evans (who voices Buzz Lightyear in the film) was asked this question during the movie’s premiere, and his answer may not surprise you.

“Look, I’m a big Woody fan, so maybe he’s next,” Evans shared Variety. As Toy Story fans know, Woody’s parentage was explored in Toy story 2, with the classic children’s show “Woody’s Roundup” becoming a focal point of the plot and introducing the other new toys in the sequel. Even with that already in canon, the potential for, say, a dark and gritty modern reboot… seems like a bit of a cool idea? Especially when Pixar keeps their tongue in their cheek.

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