Lennie James wants to work with Andrew Lincoln again

Lennie James is a fixture in the universe of The living Deadwith his character (Morgan Jones) prominently featured in both The living Dead and Fear the walking dead. In some of the series’ most beloved episodes, Morgan interacted with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), and if James has his way, he’ll get another chance to team up with Lincoln again. In conversation with ComicBook.com’s Brandon Davis at the finals celebration for The living DeadJames expressed interest in appearing in the upcoming spin-off starring Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira), which is expected to wrap up the couple’s story at the heart of the original series.

Morgan stepped in to help Rick early in the series, allowing audiences to glimpse his desperate fight to protect his son during the zombie apocalypse. Living like a survivalist, Morgan cleared out an untold number of walkers, but he could never pull the trigger when it came to his undead wife, Jenny. Later the audience would learn that Morgan lost his son after he got too close to Jenny and was bitten.

“I would work with Andy any day of the week, on any planet, anywhere in the universe,” ComicBook.com’s James Brandon Davis told the finals event. “I still talk to Andy, I saw him when I was last in London, we hung out for a bit. he’s a friend for life, and there are some friends for life in this job, that’s why I’m so grateful for the.”

The final of The living Dead James appeared in flashback, but the last time he was seen on screen was in the Season 8 episode “Wrath”, where he left his armor behind and seemingly returned to a life of solitude in The Heaps. But if one were to assume that a life of peace and solitude meant Morgan surrendered to his fate, then they clearly didn’t pay much attention to it. He was missing from the series and presumed mostly dead for a while, reappearing as a changed man and a more nuanced character than ever.

The finale drew more than 2 million viewers on Sunday — more than any episode since February 2021 — but those numbers still pale in comparison to the more than 10 million who routinely watched the show in its heyday. AMC, which changed plans from making a Rick Grimes theatrical film into a prestige miniseries, is clearly hoping that a return to Rick and Michonne will help recapture some of the lightning in a bottle that made The living Dead a cultural phenomenon.

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