League of Legends Releases Mid-Patch 13.1 Update, Patch Notes Revealed

League of Legends got its latest update earlier this week, Patch 13.1, and not long after, it got a mid-patch update too, to bring a champ into line that was a bit too harsh in the first update. That champion is Rammus, a character loved by speedsters and despised by Marksmen, and thanks to this latest mid-patch update, you’ll be seeing him rolling through the jungle more often in the coming days.

As laid out in the first batch of patch notes, the reasoning behind the initial Rammus nerfs was that he had gotten a little too powerful thanks to the introduction of the Jak’Sho the Protean item. His base attack damage and health were both reduced, and the amount on his Defensive Ball Curl move was also reduced.

Now the mid-patch update has given him back some of the stats he lost and then some. His base armor, which wasn’t affected at all by the first nerfs, has been buffed, so while he’s not quite back to pre-nerf Rammus, he’s not far off it either.

Aside from Rammus, the only other change mentioned in the comments for the mid-patch update involved a bug fix or two. You can check out the details of those Rammus tweaks and the bug fixes below.


  • Basic attack damage: 53 ⇒ 55
  • Basic health: 614 ⇒ 675
  • Base armor: 36 ⇒ 40
  • W – Defensive Ball Curl Bonus Flat Armor: 25 ⇒ 35

Bug fixes

  • A bit too tanky: Fixed a bug that caused Ornn’s passive to give percent total health, armor, and magic resistance instead of percentage bonus stats.
  • Not adding up: Fixed a bug that caused Fimbulwinter to grant less base health than Winter’s approach.

Leagues The 2023 season only recently kicked off, so while the pre-season period has allowed players to test new items and synergies for a while, it’s expected that we’ll see such tweaks to refine what’s already out there. As the meta continues to develop in the new season, you can expect more buffs and nerfs to swing back and forth until things settle down.

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