League of Legends Get rid of the old refund system

League of Legends players have been able to use “refund tokens” for some time now to ease their buyer’s remorse after buying something they don’t actually want, but that system is going away soon. Refunds are still possible, but Riot Games said it’s scrapping that refund method to bring Leagues policy more in line with Riot’s other games. The change is not yet in effect, but Riot has outlined what this transition will look like ahead of the updated policy.

Plans to scrap the refund tokens were confirmed in the most recent set of patch notes for League. The good news is that all new and old players now have three payback chips again. Riot said “complexity” associated with the refund system typically meant that players wouldn’t get their annual refund token until later in the new year, but Riot’s sidestepped those complications by bringing everyone up to three refund tokens per player. However, it is those same complexities that inspired the change Leagues refund system.

“However, due to the aforementioned complexity, we have made the difficult decision to completely remove refund tokens later this year in patch 13.11,” said Riot in the patch notes. This will bring the refund policy in line with our other games, eliminating the need to maintain an older system just for League. As a result, the base refund policy will also shift in patch 13.11. Unused, eligible content will be refunded for up to 14 days after purchase.”

So now that you have several refund tokens, you’ll want to use them if you need to between now and the time Patch 13.11 is released, because that marks the end of this system.

Riot’s global refund policy may be seen here with more information on what can be refunded and when, depending on which game you play. Leagues currently listed at the bottom as one of the games that meet special conditions, but you could imagine that would change in the coming months as this new system comes into effect.

According to Leagues patch schedule for its future updates, Patch 13.11 is scheduled for release on June 1, barring any delays pushing it back.

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