Laura Dern remembers helping Steven Spielberg make that shocking The Fabelmans Cameo happen

Steven Spielberg’s latest movie The Fables has become one of the most critically acclaimed films of 2022, with the film itself exploring the upbringing of the filmmaker himself and how he came to love cinema. As the title implies, the story is not entirely autobiographical and takes some creative liberties, but the film does replicate a young Spielberg’s encounter with iconic director John Ford, who cast another iconic director, David Lynch, in the role of Ford saw embrace. While Lynch has scored a handful of on-screen roles during his career, most of these appearances have been in his own projects, with long-time collaborator Laura Dern recently recalling how she helped pull off the cameo.

“Well, I can’t take credit from maestro Spielberg, but Steven loved this dream of having David Lynch in the movie and both of them together paying tribute to John Ford, who means so much to both of them as filmmakers. I was’ used,” Dern shared Jimmy KimmelLive!. “I had the time of my life putting them together and maybe supporting David to feel comfortable acting in this movie. Just the idea of ​​them paying tribute to Ford in that way together, it’s such an incredible scene in the movie.”

Dern has a long history of working with Lynch, starring in projects like Wild at heart, Blue velvet, Domestic Empireand Twin Peaks Season 3. Although she hasn’t worked with Spielberg that much, she played Dr. Ellie Sattler Jurassic Parkan escape experience for both her and Spielberg.

Despite both Spielberg and Lynch being cinematic icons in their own right, Dern remembered how they Jurassic Park director asked if she could help make an introduction for the occasion.

“[Steven] calls me and I’d seen him and he’d told me what he was making and then he called me to say, ‘There’s a great idea,'” the actor recalled. Dern joked, “I’m like ‘Yo, David, Steven wants this, you guys need to make it happen.’ No, I’m trembling and excited because I feel like it’s part of the cinema and everyone I’ve talked to who’s seen the movie is so thankful that here’s David Lynch paying homage as this master filmmaker, who he is, directed by another master.”

Despite Dern’s support for the opportunity, Spielberg previously recalled during a screening of the film, per The playlistthat it took weeks to convince Lynch to take the role, which included meeting his demand that Cheetos be on set.

The Fables is in theaters now.

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