Kill Bill Star Calls Out Quentin Tarantino to Play Vol. 3

Quentin Tarantino has claimed that he will only direct one more film in his career Kill Bill star Vivica A. Fox is calling on him to make a third movie in the series. While Fox’s character was killed off in the debut film, several rumors speculating what a third film might explore center around the daughter she left behind when she was killed seeking revenge against Beatrix (Uma Thurman) for killing her mother, which would certainly continue Fox’s character. legacy of the character. However, the nature of the films has allowed for flashbacks, so even if her character is dead in the present, there’s a chance Fox will reprise her role.

“People are hungry,” Fox said Variety of a third movie. “Quentin, let’s go!”

She continued, “I’ve been waiting… They said it will be my daughter who grows up. I know he’ll figure out a way… maybe I’m in a flashback. I would love to work Quentin again and I would love working with Uma again. It was a lot of training.”

In fact, Fox shared that she still hopes Zendaya takes on the role of her daughter, as she’s already established herself as a hugely talented performer.

“Zendaya…she’s beautiful, she’s amazing. She’s winning Emmys,” Fox agreed. “We should fit it into her schedule. She kills the game.’

This isn’t the first time Fox has backed Zendaya in taking on the role, with Zendaya herself having previously responded to Fox’s casting wishes.

“I saw that!” Zendaya shared with empire magazine about Fox’s comments in 2021. “I was quite honored that she would say that. She’s obviously incredible and I’m very flattered that she would think of me. But you know, it’s just an idea. The internet takes things and walks with it.”

Making a third film all the more enticing is that Thurman’s daughter Maya Hawke would also be suited to play an adult version of her character’s daughter, allowing Hawke to carry on her mother’s cinematic legacy. Hawke previously worked with Tarantino for a small role in Once upon a time… in Hollywood.

“There are always rumors about that,” Hawke said The protector in 2021 about taking on the coveted role. “Quentin has his own fucking schedule. He’ll do whatever he wants when he damn well wants. But I’ve known him all my life and if he ever wanted to work with me again, of course I’d love to.”

Stay tuned for more information on a possible one Kill Bill Vol. 3.

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