Kaysar Dadour decides to travel close to family after the earthquake hits Syria

Former participant of ‘BBB 18’ will go to Lebanon on Tuesday evening, which borders on his home country

Kaysar Dadour said he will travel to Lebanon on Tuesday, July 7

The actor Kaysar Dadour travels this Tuesday night, the 7th, to the Lebanona country bordering the Syria, his country of birth. “I left there in 2011 and never went back,” said the former participant of “BB 18” in an interview with “Mais Você”. One of the main reasons for Kaysar’s trip is to find out how his relatives are doing, as a magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit the 6th regions of Syria and Turkey this Monday and has already killed more than 5,000 people. “I’m a bit worried, with a bit of fear because the earthquake affected Lebanon very little, but I’ve read and learned that an earthquake like this can keep moving for up to seven days,” said Kaysar. Even though he knows that the situation in the region is “very tough”, the naturalized Brazilian actor would like to have contact with his family. “I wanted to see my family, at least my aunts, to find out how they are,” he explained. The artist also said that he is afraid to return to Syria, because the country is not only suffering from the natural disaster. “It has very serious economic problems and there are cities with a lot of terrorists,” he said. “The Syrian people are sadly a forgotten people.” After participating in the morning attraction of Globe, Kaysar also expressed herself on social media: “I ask everyone for empathy, solidarity and prayer during this time. Today I am going to travel to Lebanon”.

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