Jurassic World director and House of the Dragon writer team up on Atlantis Movie

Jurassic world director Colin Trevorrow dives into the deep end and develops a feature film around the myth of Atlantis. The Hollywood Reporter brings news about the project that was previously in the works at Universal and is now taking place at Skydance. Trevorrow will produce and direct the film, from a script by Charmaine DeGraté, a writer and executive producer on the film. Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon. Simply titled Atlantisthere is no official logline for the film, but it is described by the trade as “a fantasy adventure based on the legendary advanced civilization that sank and was subsequently lost to either the elements, ancient gods, or man’s hubris.”

The Atlantis myth has made a few appearances on the big screen in recent years, appearing in the DC Universe with the Aquarius movies and in it Black Panther: Wakanda Forever as Talokan (an amalgamation of Atlantis and the Aztec Tlālōcān). Even the animated movie Hotel Transylvania 3 also includes a version of Atlantis. Of course the Disney animated movie Atlantis: the lost realm has also become a cult favorite in recent years, giving the new Trevorrow movie a lot of material they need to try and not copy or someone will notice.

Trevorrow’s most recent film as a director was 2022 Jurassic World Dominationmarking only his fourth feature film Henry’s bookthe original Jurassic worldand that of 2012 safety not guaranteed. Two of his four films have grossed over $1 billion worldwide, putting him in some rare company. After working in the dinosaur-focused franchise for nearly a decade, it seems his time with Jurassic is over. In an earlier interview with ComicBook.com, Trevorrow revealed who he thinks should take over from him and continue the series.

“What’s interesting is whoever it is, it’s still going to be someone who grew up in Jurassic Park,” Trevorrow said. “We talked about this like I’m 45 years old, if you’re 35 to 40, Jurassic Park was your movie and that was it. I was a little bit older than that. So I think the next filmmaker will hold it so much more firmly in their hands Honestly, the way I am with Star Wars or Raiders or Back to the Future, and so my advice to them would be to hold in your hands, but not too tight.

DeGraté, on the other hand, has been very busy in the television world. In addition to working on House of the Dragonher other credits include Amazon Prime Videos Upcoming Daisy Jones and the Sixplus the new Star Wars series on Disney+, The acolyte. This is her first feature film as a screenwriter.

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