Julianne Moore explains why she never used guns in her films

Julianne Moore does not like and usually does not appear in films and series with weapons in hand, telling why and what caused his choice.

The actress gave an interview to the London Times to promote his new film, titled Sharper: a life full of deceit. Without touching a gun for more than a decade, the actress explained why she doesn’t normally accept roles that involve it.

According to Julianne, although she is in a movie with guns, she prefers not to be involved in handling them. “[Empunhar um revólver] it’s not something that appeals to me at all. I don’t think it’s something that appeals to me.”

“When you’re talking about gun safety and blaming people on entertainment, it’s really important to realize that the whole world is consuming the same stuff as the United States, but here you have easy access to guns.”

Juliane Moore in The Woman at the Window (playback)

In Sharper, she explained, her character uses a gun, but according to the actress, the moment is not glorified, but portrayed as “a morality story about how things go wrong when you fire a gun.”

Julianne Moore calls her non-use of guns a civil act

Julianne also made it clear that her opinion on this has nothing to do with her profession, even though she knows that Hollywood loves a gun. The actress said she started to engage in more discussions on the subject after the airing Sandy Hook elementary school shootingin 2012:

“I’m not a big fan of violent movies, but I’m not saying gun violence is the fault of entertainment either. I do not think so [minha opinião sobre armamento] have something to do with being an actress. I think it’s more about being a citizen of this country. If there is something you care about, you need to take action.”

“So everything I’ve done politically expresses what I feel as a person”, she concluded. “A job is a job, but as a citizen you have a responsibility to be part of the community.”

In addition to Julianne, Sharper’s cast also includes the likes of Justice Smith (The Get Down), Sebastian Stan (Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier), Brianna Middleton (sweet home bar), Hannah Dunne (Story of a marriage), among others.

Watch the trailer:

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Sharper: a life full of deceit will premiere on Apple TV that day February 17.

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