Juliana Silveira hosts annual dinner with ‘Floribella’ fans; novel was released 17 years ago

The actress explained how this idea came about and said that people from different parts of Brazil participate: “They invest in a dream and I invest in being with them”

Playback/Band/Instagram/julianasilveiraatrizJuliana Silveira, who starred in ‘Floribella’, is currently 42 years old

“One, two, three, bam bam…”. The opening number was not the only thing that stood out”,Floribella” has become a true phenomenon teen upon release Bandin 2005. The actress Juliana Silveira starred in the production that revolved around Maria Flor, a young orphan who takes a job as a nanny in Fred’s (Roger Gobeth) house and eventually falls in love with the boss. The plot, which had two seasons, had several musical scenes and spawned hits such as poor of the rich🇧🇷 When I see you🇧🇷 Blue dress and TIC Tac🇧🇷 It was so successful that Juliana still has fans from the “Floribella” era to this day. In 2017, one of these people suggested a face-to-face meeting with the actress, and she agreed. “It was unpretentious, in a pizzeria in a shopping center in Barra da Tijuca. Iasmin is the name of the fan who had the idea and gathered a crowd for the rally. It was a pleasant experience, it flowed very well. In the following years these gatherings grew, they were organized well in advance and as a result people from other parts of Brazil were able to organize to participate as well,” Juliana said in an interview with Young pan🇧🇷

The artist agreed to live this experience because she was not very active in it social networks and he wanted to connect more closely with the fan base he had gained during the soap’s period. “I never thought ‘Floribella’ would become such a hit. We artists are used to projects with a beginning, middle and end, because something new always follows, but this soap marked a generation.” Currently, the gathering numbers about 50 people selected by Iasmin and takes place every year. The only period when it was necessary to take a break was the pandemic. “The years went by and the meetings became more extensive. Nowadays we even do karaoke with songs from the soap (laughs). These meetings last about three hours and people from different parts of the country participate in them. It’s a day that I just set aside for that,” says Juliana, who emphasized that she enjoys getting to know these people and their stories up close.

“To take part in such a meeting, you have to feel very comfortable, it has to be fun and it is for me. I like to hear how people got to know my work, what they went through at the time of the soap opera and then we talk further on social networks, I meet my father, mother, I really become friends. I suggest entering into this relationship because these people are willing to do so, they save money and travel to the Rio de Janeiro just to see me. They invest in a dream and I invest in being with them,” the artist explains. Of the many stories she has heard, the Maria Flor interpreter believes that most fans had the telenovela as company or refuge. “I have a fan who had lost her grandmother who was her main companion at the time of the soap and it was ‘Floribella’ who revived her life because it was a moment where she could smile again. There are also many stories of people who were bullied and used the soap to fantasize and have fun.”

Juliana understands that this project is still very much in the lives of these people who have become her fans, so she has no problem being associated with “Floribella”. “I consider it a milestone in my career. Of all I did in my youth, nothing compares. The character took on a life of its own, we did shows all over the country, there were “Floribella” products, I went to publicity events dressed as the character, these are demands that didn’t exist in other jobs. I think every actor is looking for that moment, to have a character that makes him known to the market and the audience. We cannot be ungrateful with the opportunities we have,” he said.

New projects

After the soap opera, she was invited to record a CD, become a children’s presenter and continue to act in these types of productions, but she did not agree because she wanted to take on new challenges. “None of the proposals interested me at the time because I had been so successful that I thought if I did something similar right away it would be a shock to the public. I didn’t want to surf that wave, that could have been a shot in the foot.” At 42, Juliana, the mother of Bento, 11, wants to get back into acting for kids, but in a different way. “Next year I want to do children’s theater and I’m in the series ‘Matches’ from Warner, but this one is for an adult audience. The first season, released in 2020, was a huge success, increasing the channel’s viewership fivefold. The second and third seasons are already set, but we will not record until 2023. I am also eager to return to open TV, I love soap operas,” said the artist, whose last soap opera was “Apocalipse” (2018) , by File. See Juliana’s meeting with the fans:

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