Julia Louis-Dreyfus Confirms Next Marvel Movie, Teases Possible Costume

Julia Louis-Dreyfus confirmed her next Marvel movie and teased her possible costume. Now, fans have already gotten to know Valentina Allegra de Fontaine well through her appearances in multiple projects in the MCU. The actress spoke to Jimmy Kimmel about her next big gig on Lightning strikes. That movie starts filming faster than you think and a lot of people are wondering what the plot of that huge crossover event is. When Kimmel asked about the very tight costume Val had in the early comic days and how Marvel didn’t put Louis-Dreyfus in it, the actress replied, “They still can!” So it’s clear that the MCU isn’t done with the Countess just yet. After that, Kimmel also wondered what movie fans the actress could hope for next. Of course she was a big part of it Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

“I really can, I’m going to be in Thunderbolts. Yes, good guys do bad or bad guys do good,” the Val actress explained before disproving the idea that her character is strictly a “bad guy.” I think she crosses the line between good and bad. I think it’s a bit of both. I think it’s a bit unclear. It’s really unclear to me.’

Loius-Dreyfus continued, “When they told me about this, the head honchos at Marvel, they all explained to me about the character and who she will be dealing with. This universe and that universe, I had a similar experience when I listen to my accountant telling me about my taxes. I’m trying really hard to concentrate. I just keep asking my guys, ‘Tell me what this means?'”

How long has Val been in the picture?

Obviously, Val has been dancing in the background of the MCU for a while now. Wakanda forever director Ryan Coogler actually confirmed that the shadowy government agent actually appeared in the then-current scripts for the Black Panther continued from the earliest days of development. This means that the rest of the MCU’s brain liked her so much that they decided to get Val off the couch earlier.

“Yes. But it was a combination,” Coogler explained to The New York Times. “Val [the C.I.A. director, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus] was much more active. It was, in fact, a three-way conflict between Wakanda, the US and Talokan. But it was all mainly from the child’s perspective.”

“Yeah, no one was brought in or asked to be in the movie or anything like that. Actually, in this version, [Louis-Dreyfus’s role] was brought back to make room for processing T’Challa’s death. And we had Val there before she even appeared in any of the other movies, before “Black Widow” and [the series] “Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” People assume we were told to use her, but she was there from the start.”

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