Jujutsu Kaisen Flashback strikes fans with heartbreaking Megumi memory

Jujitsu Kaisen has brought Megumi Fushiguro into Culling Game’s spotlight the more he tries to save his sister, and the flashback of the series’ latest chapter struck fans with a heartbreaking reminder that he truly loved the Divine Dog he had at the beginning of the series! Megumi’s fighting style was instantly unique from the rest, as he could use his Cursed Technique to summon ten different Shikigami to aid him. But as fans quickly discovered, when he lost one, they couldn’t be replaced and he had to rely solely on the others.

This was revealed early on when he lost the white of the two god dogs he used the most, but as the series progressed it became clear that he cared more about this Shikigami than the others. He seems to prefer the white twins even more, and the latest chapter of the series really broke hearts by reminding fans that Megumi loved this Shikigami even more as a kid. As he had seemingly let loose to keep him company out of combat:

How much does Megumi like his Shikigami?

Chapter 210 of Jujitsu Kaisen reveals a little more of Hana Kurusu’s past as it is shown that she actually met with Megumi when they were young. This eventually saved Hana from her terrible predicament thanks to the white Divine Dog finding her and helping her until the police arrived. She then discovers it belonged to Megumi, and this look at Megumi reveals that he really cared about the Shikigami who eventually dies on his first proper mission in the series.

It’s a heartbreaking reminder that while Megumi himself doesn’t talk openly about how he feels about everything that’s happened to him, any death around him clearly weighs heavily on his heart. It is a reminder that he has lost a very dear friend, and shows that Megumi suffered one of his most heartbreaking losses at the beginning of the series. Which also helps to further explain how he later approached his connection with Yuji and Nobara.

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