Jujutsu Kaisen Flashback Highlights Gojo and Megumi’s Father-Son Bond

Jujitsu Kaisen Now entering the main conflict of the Culling Game arc, the series’ latest chapter helps show more of Megumi Fushiguro and Satoru Gojo’s father and son-like bond with a flashback that reveals a new side of the duo. Megumi is at the center of the Culling Game arc as he has fought alongside Yuji Itadori and the others in the deadly tournament to save his sister. But as things heat up, it seems we’re starting to see more of Megumi’s inner workings.

With the previous chapter of Jujitsu Kaisen Preparing Megumi, Yuji and their new team of fighters to move forward with the next stage of the Culling Game, the latest chapter of the series revealed that Megumi and Hana Kurusu actually have a much deeper bond than expected. The two actually crossed paths when they were both kids, and in this plunge into the past, fans got to see even more of Megumi’s close bond with Gojo.

How close are Megumi and Gojo?

Chapter 210 of Jujitsu Kaisen reveals that at some point in Megumi’s past, he and his divine dog actually helped save Hana from a horrible situation she was trapped in as a child. But what fans immediately noticed was that young Megumi was accompanied by Gojo on an ordinary walk. It’s not the most profound flashback the two have ever had, but at the same time, it further demonstrates that there’s a much deeper connection between the two.

Ever since Gojo was first introduced to young Megumi, he has been a big part of his life. But we’ve only gotten a few glances here and there about how close they really are all the way back. This is also the first Gojo sighting in a long time, as he’s been trapped in the Prison Realm since the beginning of the Shibuya incident, so it was a welcome flashback for fans for many reasons.

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