Jordan Peele reveals creepy Corey Feldman movie prop he bought

For years, Jordan Peele was a name associated with comedy thanks to the hilarious sketch series he starred in with Keegan Michael Key, Key & Peele. In recent years, however, Peele has become known for reviving the horror genre. All his movies – Get out, Usand no – have been a success with Get out which earned him an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. Unsurprisingly, it was recently revealed that Peele has some creepy items in his memorabilia collection. While appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers (through IndieWire), he revealed that he bought Corey Feldman’s ear prosthesis from Rob Reiner’s classic 1986 film, Stay with me. In October 2021, Feldman auctioned some items from his career in honor of his 50th birthday, and Peele recently explained why he bid on the item.

“There was a whole thing where he auctioned off the ear he wore as Teddy Stay with meand I think I bought it very creepy,” Peele explained [Feldman] and he says, “Wait, do you have the ear?” … I was like ‘Yeah’ and he was like ‘Man, I’m so glad it was you.'” Peele added, “I’ve got a new friendship with Corey Feldman, very proud of this… He invited me and my producer to his house. We went to his house which was great. It has some memorabilia and stuff. Besides, if you don’t know Corey Feldman, that means – first of all – f*ck off, you’re a kid. But this is one of the greatest teen icons of all time.”

Peele continued, “We’re visiting and he’s mentioned this movie he showed The birthday that was not released. If you’re a cinephile who just likes a complete what-the-F-did-I-just-watching experience, this cutie is it. So the thing sort of leads to this missing movie because the movie no in itself it’s about exploitation and erasure.” Peele added to Feldman, “I’m happy to consider him a friend.” You can watch the full interview below:

Will Nope be nominated for an Oscar?

Oscar nominations will be announced on Tuesday, January 24, and many are wondering if Peele will have the same success as with Get out. There’s a chance Peele could be nominated again in the Best Original Screenplay category, and the film also made the shortlist for both Best Original Score and Best Visual Effects. There’s also been some buzz around Keke Palmer’s performance.

Would you like to see no take home Academy Awards? Tell us in the comments!

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