JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Promo gives Part 4 a wild ’80s makeover

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure recently brought the Stone Ocean story to a close on Netflix, with the season finale opening up a whole different world for the Joestars thanks to Jolyne Cujoh’s struggle to stop Pucci from “reaching heaven.” While a new season hasn’t been confirmed by David Production, a series return would most likely follow a very different Joestar via Steel Ball Run. Now a fan animator has taken the opportunity to re-imagine Part 4, Diamond Is Unbreakable, with an 80s aesthetic.

The story of Diamond Is Unbreakable focused on Josuke Higashikata, a high school student who finds himself dragged into the family business thanks to his status as Joseph Joestar’s forgotten son. With a stand known as Crazy Diamond, Josuke had the ability to turn back time through his partner, which came in handy throughout the season and had some wild effects on the Stand battles that took place in the sleepy town that known as Morioh. Unlike Jotaro Kujo, who has appeared in multiple seasons of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Josuke only appeared in Diamond Is Unbreakable, though a new spin-off manga has released new chapters where the Joestar teams up with the villain known as Hol Horse .

1980s Unbreakable

Twitter user Noodle Dori1 shared this hilarious re-imagining of the cast of characters who appeared in Diamond Is Unbreakable, with the series following the death of Dio Brando but introducing a terrifying new antagonist known as Yoshikage Kira:

While the future of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures anime adaptation has yet to confirm that a new season is on the way, the creator of the manga, Hirohiko Araki, is working on a new entry titled JoJo Lands. While details regarding many of the story elements surrounding part nine have yet to be revealed, Araki recently shed some light on the upcoming protagonist, confirming that the upcoming protagonist would be a descendant of Joseph Joestar. However, this Joseph is very different from the anime fans saw in Diamond Is Unbreakable, which first appeared in the alternate reality that is part of JoJolion.

What do you think of this flashy new imagination from Josuke and his fellow booth users? Feel free to let us know in the comments or call me directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk about all things comics, anime and the world of the Joestars.

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