Jojo Todynho generates climate by complaining live about Globoplay in Central da Copa

The singer, who presents the attraction together with Alex Escobar, spoke about the delay in the broadcast: “In my head it was 4 against 0”

Play/GlobeJojo Todynho complained about the delay in the live broadcast of the match in Brazil on Globoplay

The singer jojo todynhochosen by Globe to present “Central da Copa” together with the journalist Alex Escobar, caused an atmosphere in the program last Thursday 24, after complaining about the live broadcast of the game on Globoplay, the broadcaster’s streaming platform. “I celebrated four times,” said the owner of the hit what shot was that🇧🇷 “What do you mean?” Escobar asked. The champion of “A Fazenda 12” explained that the TV she watched the Brazil premiere on world cup from Qatar had a broken speaker, so she decided to connect Globoplay to a speaker. “I was delayed, the goal had already fallen and there in it Globo play it was about 10 or five minutes later and we were celebrating,” Jojo complained. “Not all that, right Jojo?”, the presenter objected. “Wow, it took a while. When he said, ‘He hit the beam’. Hours later Galvão [Bueno] I wanted to say hit the beam. But it was good, in my head it was 4-0,” said the funk singer. Seemingly embarrassed, Escobar chuckled and said, “Okay. Okay, Jojo. So 4-0 to Brazil? What a great thing”. The Brazilian team played the first match of the cup against Serbia and won 2-0. Brazil’s next match will be against Switzerland on Monday the 28th at 13:00 (Brasília time).

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