Jeremy Renner says he broke more than 30 bones in an accident and they ‘will be born stronger’

Actor was released from hospital on the 17th to continue treatment at home; people close to the actor say it can take up to two years to fully recover

Play/Instagram/jeremyrennerJeremy Renner had an accident while plowing snow

The actor Jeremy Rennerknown for playing the superhero Sagittarius hawk in the productions Miracle, this Saturday, 21, published an image that is being treated to recover from the serious accident he suffered at the beginning of this year. “Morning workouts, New Year’s resolutions changed this particular New Year…,” the actor says at the beginning of the photo caption. He thanked all the messages he received, saying the more than 30 broken bones would “repair and grow stronger as the love and bond with family and friends grew deeper.” Renner was released from hospital on the 17th to continue treatment at home. The accident happened while he was plowing snow in front of his home in Nevada, United States, after a storm, and left him in serious condition, even in ICU. The actor is said to have lost a lot of blood at the time and was taken to hospital by helicopter. As previously announced by the Mirror, people close to the actor said the consequences of the accident are more serious than they seem and it could take up to two years to fully recover. Currently, Renner appears in “The Owner of Kingstown” series, on Paramount +, and will debut in March in “Rennervation”, on Disney +.

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