Jeremy Renner reveals he broke over 30 bones in an accident

Jeremy Renner sent a thank you message for the love and attention from fans and friends since his tragic accident in the New Year, which broke 30 of the actor’s bones.

On New Year’s weekend, hit a snowplow the actor while trying to clean the driveway of his house. The actor received emergency care from a neighboring doctor and went to the emergency room.

Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton in Hawkeye (Disclosure/Marvel Studios)

Published on your profile InstagramJeremy posted a photo of his physical therapy session, accompanied by a thank you note, stating:

“Morning workouts, resolutions, and everything else changed with this particular New Year… It all came out of this tragedy for my entire family, which quickly focused on coming together in unconditional, action-packed love. [emoji de coração] I want to thank everyone for their messages and positive thoughts for my family and me… Much love and appreciation to all of you. Those 30 broken bones will heal, grow stronger as the bond between family and friends grows stronger. Love and blessings to all [emojis de mãos orando e coração vermelho]”

Understand what happened to Jeremy Renner

The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office said it has opened an investigation into the incident and the incident report details the circumstances of the accident. Watch the story below:

Mr. Renner went to get his Piston Bully of Snowcat, an extremely large snow plow weighing at least 14,330 pounds (about 6 tons), in an attempt to get his vehicle moving. After successfully towing his vehicle from its parked spot, Mr. Mr Renner got out of his Piston Bully to talk to his acquaintance At this point the Piston Bully was observed to start rolling In an attempt to stop the Piston Bully Mr Renner tries to get behind the wheel of the Piston Bully Based on our research, this is where the Piston Bully Mr. Renner”.

Snowcat, the snowplow Jeremy Renner was using when he was run over

Of chest trauma and multiple orthopedic injuries, Jeremy has had surgery and although he is back home, he still needs to perform a series of procedures, according to a family friend:

“Doctors tend to stagger operations to allow time for the body’s natural healing process, and that’s the case here. The right side of Jeremy’s chest was shattered and his upper body collapsed. He also had a serious head wound that was bleeding and an injury to his leg.”

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