Jeremy Renner is fired and recovering from an accident at home

Actor, who gives life to the superhero Hawkeye, said he was excited to watch the series with his family

Play/Instagram/jeremyrennerJeremy Renner said on social media that he has already left the hospital

The actor Jeremy Renner he has been released from the hospital and must continue his recovery process from the accident he suffered at the beginning of this year at home. The news came from the artist herself, who made the following comment in a post about “The Owner of Kingstown” series: “Despite my brain fog, I was really excited to watch episode 201 with my family at home”. In the Paramount+ production, he plays the ruthless Mike McLusky, who runs the town of Kingstown, a small community in Michigan. Known for bringing it to life Sagittarius hawk in the productions Miracle, Jeremy had a serious accident while snow plowing on January 1st. He was left with chest trauma and orthopedic injuries after being struck by a machine called the Snowcat. The actor is said to have lost a lot of blood at the time and was taken to hospital by helicopter. As previously announced by the Mirror, people close to the actor said the consequences of the accident are more serious than they seem and it could take up to two years to fully recover. “It’s much worse than everyone thinks. Jeremy is very aware of the fact that he almost died there,” said a friend of the artist who preferred not to be identified.

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