“Jean-Luc would never have forgiven me”

Vice Admiral Janeway’s log reveals a connection between her and another Star Trek captain, Jean-Luc Picard, who has watched recent episodes of Star Trek: child prodigy threaten to strain. In Prodigychases Janeway after the USS Protostar and his young crew in the false belief that they stole Captain Chakotay’s experimental ship. The Protostar The crew wants nothing more than to join Starfleet, but the experimental weapon the Diviner places aboard the ship prevents them from making contact without destroying Starfleet. To escape Janeway’s pursuit in the USS Fearlessthe Prosotar enters the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Intending to give chase, Janeway justifies her actions by weighing the threat that Romulans may get their hands on the experimental ship’s technology. However, her feelings about Chakotay’s disappearance also come into play, and her first officer, Tysess, refuses to carry out the order, citing the consequences, at best, of dissolution of “the treat” and, at worst , the threat of war.

That threat Tysess is concerned about is the one between the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire that would allow Picard to lead an evacuation fleet into Romulan space to rescue citizens of the Romulan Star Empire on planets that will be affected by the Romulus star. go supernova. Janeway’s actions could have destroyed any progress Picard had made at this point in the Star Trek timeline. Here’s what Janeway says in her log, found on the Star Trek Logs Instagram page:

Vice Admiral’s log, stardate 61326.1. We found them.

It was during a rendezvous at Denaxi Depot — the only habitable outpost within three sectors. Like a watering hole in the barren desert, it’s drawn the worst of the Quadrant here… including the outlaws who Protostar.

What Agent Frex failed to mention was their ages. Little more than teenagers by human standards…

But appearances can be deceiving. The Ocampa reach maturity at age 9, while those on the Miri homeworld look like children for centuries.

And these thieves are no strangers to trickery. Posing as innocent fugitives, they deployed an unknown weapon that ripped apart a Starfleet station. Once we seize the Protostarwe download their logs to the Fearless and confirm any lies, according to Starfleet rules.

Despite our best efforts, they escaped to the Neutral Zone. We almost jeopardized our fragile truce with the Romulans and the evacuation there. Jean-Luc would never have forgiven me.

Janeway fails to enter the Neutral Zone and Picard continues his mission. However, we know about Star Trek: Picardwhich begins a few years later Star Trek: child prodigythat the attack on Mars would later derail his efforts, paving the way for the state of the galaxy in the early 25th century.

Star Trek: child prodigy is streaming now Paramount+ and debuts new episodes weekly on Thursdays. The first two seasons of Star Trek: Picard streaming now on Paramount+. The third and final season of the series debuts February 16 on Paramount+.

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