Jane Fonda reveals that she imagined she would die before age 30 due to a serious health problem

Jane Fonda opened up about her childhood self-image issues, which led to an eating disorder that she believed would end her life.

The actress joined a chat on the Call her daddy podcast, where she talked about the healing process of bulimia and all the suffering the disease caused. According to her, her perspective was that she would die before she reached her thirties.

“In my early twenties I started my acting career and had very, very severe bulimia. I had a secret life, I was too unhappy, too much. I thought I wouldn’t make it to 30…”

Jane Fonda in Barbarella (photo reproduction instagram)

“I didn’t go out to have fun. I almost didn’t go out because I was unhappy and because of this eating disorder. And on top of that, I also did a lot of movies at that time that I didn’t really like. It affects how your body looks, you end up looking tired. It becomes impossible to form an authentic relationship when you do something like this in secret. Your day is organized around food and eating, forcing you to be alone and no one knows what you are doing.

Jane compared the disorder to a drug user’s addiction.

“It’s a very lonely situation, and it’s an addiction. As soon as you get food, you want to get rid of it.”

Jane Fonda discovered support groups and decided to quit for her loved ones

According to Jane, she was approaching 40 and had an incredible career, a husband and children who loved and cherished her very much. “If I keep doing this, I will die”she concluded at the time, and this prompted her to seek professional help:

“I didn’t know there were support groups you could join, I had no idea. No one talked about it and I didn’t even know it had a name. It was a very difficult process, but the truth is, the more time passes after your last relapse, the easier it gets,” he advised.

If you suffer from an eating disorder, there are several NGOs and support groups that can help, such as Ambulim (website https://ambulim.org.br/ajuda/, email [email protected] or phone +55 (11) 2661-6975), which also offers outpatient services in São Paulo. For other regions of the country, please contact Brazilian Association of Eating Disorders.

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