James Gunn breaks silence on Kevin Bacon’s conflicting Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men roles

The fact that Kevin Bacon played a bad guy X-Men: First Class had absolutely no bearing on his role as Kevin Bacon in the Guardians of the Galaxy holiday specialsaid writer/director James Gunn. Fans have pondered for a long time – mostly as a joke – whether the Kevin Bacon is joking Guardians of the Universe would somehow “break reality” if Bacon’s Sebastian Shaw ever resurfaced in the Marvel multiverse. The answer, according to Gunn, is no. Speak with Varietythe filmmaker said there were no talks about Sebastian Shaw, or the impact it would have on Bacon’s chances of landing a more serious Marvel role later on.

Bacon previously worked with Gunn on Super, his first superhero film, which he made on a small budget. Since Gunn named the star Guardians of the Universethe two have circled each other, each saying they’d love to collaborate on the right Marvel project.

“One of the things that really impressed Kevin Feige running the MCU is that the most important thing is the project for him,” said Gunn. “Maybe you have a plan about how you want to do something later, but if it ruins the thing right in front of you, then it won’t work. The best thing for the holiday special is Kevin Bacon, and if that means Kevin Bacon later in the MCU It doesn’t really matter It’s not real None of this is real He was the perfect person to cast as Kevin Bacon If we had cast John Schneider as Kevin Bacon it wouldn’t have been so good job.”

…Okay, but now we want to see the fake “deleted scene” where Bacon meets John Schneider who plays Kevin Bacon. Make it happen, Funny Or Die!

In the same interview, Gunn discussed the film’s structure and the fact that he made a conscious decision not to have a villain – a first for Marvel.

“Before I wrote the screenplay, I wrote a treatment, and in the treatment there was another threat. I just realized I wasn’t interested in that other thing,” Gunn told the box. “There was an action scene at the end where Kevin Bacon jumped around and did action stunts, which would have been pretty cool, but the threat didn’t interest me at all. What interested me was the interaction between the characters. So I just cut that out and make it a story about people from.”

The first two Guardians of the Universe movies, along with the Guardians of the Galaxy holiday specialare now available to stream on Disney+.

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