Iza is dating? Singer is mentioned as a mysterious silhouette in a photo with a football player

Body similar to the artist’s was identified in a publication by Mirassol athlete Yuri Lima

Play/Instagram/@iza/@yurilima94Iza was identified as a woman in a message from Yuri Lima

The singer isa maybe you have a new boyfriend. The artist was named affair of the football player Yuri Lima, after he published a photo with a woman’s silhouette. Internet users compare the body of the post to that of Iza, who follows the footballer Mirasol on the social networks. Yuri Lima is from São Paulo, he is 28 years old and played in teams like fluminense and sanctify. After the end of her marriage to music producer Sérgio Santos, in October 2022, the judge of “The Voice” assumed to be demisexual, that is to be sexually involved only if there is an emotional and affective relationship. It has since been speculated that Iza was involved with the motorist Lewis Hamilton, during the Englishman’s visit to Brazil for the Interlagos GP, in November. Despite the clues, Iza has not yet commented on the alleged romance with Yuri Lima.

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