Is this Toyota’s future baby electric car or the next C-HR?

Is this Toyota's future baby electric car or the next C-HR?

Since journey Disclosed Patent Drawings Earlier this month, the internet envisioned what Toyota’s next small SUV might be. This is what it might look like when it arrives in the showrooms.

There’s a new Toyota small electric SUV on the horizon, but exactly how the vehicle will be marketed remains a mystery.

However, it’s unclear whether the model will be offered under the company’s “BZ” family of electric cars – perhaps as BZ2X – or whether a plug-in hybrid version will be offered with a more recognizable name like the C-HR.

Another line of thought is that the model could be an electrified version of the Yaris Cross.

Unlike the concept, which had a blanked-out front, the vehicle in the patent drawings uses a typical grille, suggesting that a radiator is required to cool a gasoline-powered engine.

The two flaps on the rear quarter panels could also indicate a plug-in hybrid – with one being used for petrol and the other for an electrical connection. Although we do know that Toyota has fitted at least one EV with dual flaps overseas.

At this stage, Toyota remains tight-lipped about its mystery model – but given the recent release of the patent filings, it’s likely that an announcement will be forthcoming.

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