Is the Afghan ‘supercar’ – powered by Toyota Corolla – the real deal or a hoax?

Is the Afghan 'supercar' - powered by Toyota Corolla - the real deal or a hoax?

A mystery surrounds a Toyota Corolla-powered “supercar” unveiled by authorities in Afghanistan.

A video of a supercar from Afghanistan went viral over the weekend after the country’s authorities unveiled a “supercar” and a bold plan to revive the ailing economy.

Despite its slim proportions, the “supercar” is powered by a modest four-cylinder engine from a 23-year-old Toyota Corolla.

Although the car in the video can be driven under its own power, it is not yet for sale.

A video shows the vehicle – dubbed the Mada 9 – performing a few slides in an empty parking lot in the snow.

Another video shows a desert landscape covered in shell casings before panning over to a disheveled man approaching the shiny new vehicle.

The footage shows sleek front and rear LED lighting, big wheels (which look like Lorinser RS8) and integrated aerodynamic elements, including a huge front wing.

The one-off Mada 9 prototype was developed in collaboration between the Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute (ATVI) and the Kabul-based automotive design studio. entopaccording to foreign reports.

Featuring a tubular frame chassis and a mid-engine (behind the seats), rear-wheel drive, the Mada 9 prototype is powered by a longitudinally-mounted Toyota 1ZZ-FE four-cylinder engine derived from a Toyota Corolla, although it has been reported that the ultimate goal is to replace it with an all-electric motor.

Reportedly developed over a period of five years, the Mada 9 was unveiled by the Taliban Minister of Higher Education. Authorities say the car may be heading to international exhibitions to promote Afghanistan on the world stage.

Videos show the car in motion, despite being a prototype, and show Toyota’s trusty four-cylinder engine coming to life as part of an early stage of production (chassis only).

This bizarre teaser even shows the Mada 9 performing a burnout as well as a variety of other stunts.

There is currently little additional information – such as where to build in Afghanistan and how many are planned for production.

The videos of the world’s latest “supercar” concept have now been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

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