Ironheart star Dominique Thorne shares special Iron Man Link

Iron heart star Dominique Thorne reveals a special link between Iron Man and her character.’s Aaron Perine managed to talk to the Riri Williams actress about her work with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Puffs. During the conversation, the question of the armor for her upcoming Disney+ series came up, and the star revealed that the same people who made the Mark I armor also worked on her suits. Legacy Studios was instrumental in creating the practical effects in the early days of the MCU. That first armor is definitely iconic, so it’s cool to see Marvel bring the same people back for a hero many people will associate with Tony Stark. So expect to see some of the same design language when Ironheart hits the air on Disney+.

“The Legacy folks, that suit was made by Legacy Studios,” Thorne shared. “The same people who built the Iron Man suit built some of the Star Wars pieces. They are literal geniuses. The same people who built the Mark I suit were brought to Ironheart to do the practical versions of those suits as well. to build. .”

In another interview with Rolling stonesaid the Ironheart actress that the practical suit she wore Black Panther: Wakanda Forever amounted to 50 pounds. I had to ask about that total because it must be hard to carry that kind of weight while trying to film those scenes or really make the movements look like a wire. Thorne was able to confirm that number and how exactly to get the latest details out of Legacy Studios.

“I’ve asked several times on this trip, ‘How much is this?’ And nobody wanted to tell me,” she laughed. “I think they deliberately didn’t, but they waited until a few weeks, maybe a month or so, to shoot Ironheart, the TV series… I finally got the information from them then, scream “To Toy, he knew I’d ask. They weighed everything except the laptop, the Toughbook, which Riri pulls out of her garage. It weighed all the pieces and it was 52 and 1/2 pounds.”

Here’s what else Thorne had to say about the partnership: “The success of the MCU and the growing ways it seeks to accurately represent all of us; across creed and circumstance, is something I’m very proud to be a part of. to break up with,” says Dominique. “So when Puffs asked me to join them and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in celebrating these kids – all of whom are and remain true superheroes despite adversity – it was an easy ‘yes!'”.

Are you hoping for more Stark Easter eggs in the show? Let us know in the comments below!

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