Invincible Co-Creator Robert Kirkman Talks Franchise Expansion Into Video Games (Exclusive)

Invincible writer and co-creator Robert Kirkman has shared more about what the future of the franchise might hold when it comes to video games. Back in 2022, Invincible publisher Skybound Entertainment teased that it would do more with the real estate when it comes to gaming. While 2023 has already given us a brief taste of what this could look like in the future Invincible recently cooperated with Autumn guysNor has Kirkman dismissed the possibility of the franchise getting its own special games in time.

In conversation with on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Invincible, Kirkman said Skybound’s plans for the series are wide-ranging when it comes to games. Kirkman didn’t go into specifics about what this might look like, but he indicated that everything from dedicated AAA-level games to future crossovers in something like Fortnite are all on the table. And while some of these ideas may never see the light of day, Kirkman said fans of the series will be very excited if they do.

“I would say our plans in video games are all-encompassing,” Kirkman said. “A little bit of all of the above, so, you know, we’ll see. Are those things maybe years away? Yeah. Could those things die between now and when they’re scheduled to come out? Yeah. I might seem like I’m teasing something really cool if you watch this in hindsight [also] seems like an idiot who has no idea what’s going on. In retrospect, one of these things could happen. There are so many fun things on the horizon. I hope it all comes together. When it all comes together, Invincible fans will be very happy.”

Although it’s exciting to hear what Kirkman has to say Invincible when tied to the gaming medium, it sounds like a lot of these plans for the franchise are very, very far off. As such, it may be a long time before we find out more about what Skybound is up to, but if nothing else, at least season 2 of the Invincible The animated series has now been confirmed to return later in 2023.

What do you hope to see Invincible in the long run when it comes to video games? Be sure to let me know yourself in the comments or give me a call on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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