Influencer airs about disorder that makes breasts grow: ‘I feel dirty looks’

Model OnlyFans got gigantomastia: ‘They are very heavy and cause pain’

Play/Instagram/@misspammePamelia James suffers from a breast condition

a model of Fans onlyknown as Pamelia Jamesgave details of the ailment he suffers from breasts. In less than a year, the size of the digital influencer’s bras has increased by four sizes due to a diagnosis of gigantomastia. According to The New York Times newspaper, the condition was diagnosed about ten months ago and causes increased breast growth, which can cause back pain and posture problems. In an interview, Pamelia aired about the outage. “At first it was fun and interesting to watch them grow up, but lately it’s become uncomfortable. I started wanting to have normal breasts,” she said. “It is very uncomfortable, they are very heavy and cause a lot of pain. I feel very self-conscious in public. When I wear clothes that are tight around my chest, I notice women staring at me. I feel the dirty looks for having such big breasts. I prefer to stay at home.”

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