In emotional video, Sylvester Stallone visits his own statue

Sylvester Stallone visited the statue of his famous character Rocky Balboa in Philadelphia.

Rocky: a fighter was released in 1976 and won three Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and launched Stallone to success. The feature film tells the story of a boxer training for his biggest fight against champion Apollo Creed.

One of the iconic scenes in the feature film is when Rocky climbs the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art to the sound of Eye of the tigerand at the bottom of the stairs posing with fists in the air.

This scene was immortalized through a statue, which was originally created for the film. Rocky III – The ultimate challengeand is now one of Philadelphia’s landmarks.

On his official Instagram profileStallone shared a video of him saying he lined up to visit the Rocky Balboa statue while in Philadelphia with his family.

He said in the video, “I don’t visit Rocky often, [e] when I do, it’s exciting.”

Rocky’s Legacy

Shortly after the success of Rocky: a fightera sequel was produced in 1979, Rocky: the revenge🇧🇷 In this new movie, the boxer decides to leave the rings, but fans are asking for one last fight between him and Apollo Creed.

It was launched in 1982 Rocky III – The ultimate challenge🇧🇷 After losing to Clubber Lang, Balboa enlists Creed’s help to train for a rematch.

In Rocky IV, released in 1985, Balboa decides to come out of retirement as a boxer once again after seeing his Apollo beaten to death in a fight against Ivan Drago. The fight is now not for a title, but for revenge.

Rocky V arrived in 1990. In this film, life is not good for Balboa, who is recovering from an injury. At the same time, he is robbed by his accountant and loses his department when the young man receives an offer from a wealthy businessman.

Rocky Balboa, which premiered in 2006, was the film that concluded the franchise starring Sylvester Stallone. In the plot, Balboa is retired and missing the rings. He sees the chance to fight again after receiving an invitation to fight current champion Mason Dixon.

Sylvester Stallone even appeared in the first two films of the franchise religious beliefstarring Michael B Jordan🇧🇷 However, he will not appear in the third feature film which will premiere in March 2023.

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