In a wheelchair, Luciana Gimenez talks about the difficulties after the accident: ‘Absurd pain’

‘Superpop’ host suffered fractures after skiing accident in Aspen, US

Play/Instagram/lucianagimenezLuciana Gimenez uses a wheelchair while recovering from an accident

the presenter Luciana Gimenez left home on January 7 for the first time since a skiing accident in Aspen, in the United States. The artist, who is currently in New York, said before leaving home that it was “impossible” to use the walker because of the pain she feels and so decided to use a wheelchair to go for a walk and take a break. take. of sun. “I am in a wheelchair. Challenges of life we ​​learn. Me who never wanted to sit in a wheelchair, here I am. It took me half an hour to get dressed and adjust the wheelchair, it’s too short for my leg, my foot sticks out,” Luciana stated in her Instagram stories.

The presenter also explained why she decided to leave the house even though her foot was throbbing: “I have to do my best, we have to be the change we want in the world. Anyway, in my world. I have to react”. When she took to the streets, the presenter of “Superpop” had a hard time, when she encountered sidewalks with potholes: “Every little hole is an absurd pain”. After returning from the tour, Luciana said that she insisted to go out for a while, because she had been alone in the hospital and at home since the day of the accident. Shortly afterwards, the artist returned to social networks and said that the pain she feels does not go away. The accident caused two fractures in the Tibia, between the presenter’s knee and ankle. She also broke her fibula in two. According to medical advice, Luciana will not have to set foot for about a month and a half.

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