In a new phase of his career, Manu Cabanas is inspired by Anitta and releases music with Suri7a

Artist left covers aside and released ‘Esqueça’, an author he signs with the music producer

Disclosure / Lincoln TesserManu Cabanas and Suri7a collaborate on ‘Esqueça’, the singer’s new work

Manu Cabanas stood out on social networks by singing covers, but currently the 24-year-old artist has bet on unreleased and authorized songs. ‘Forget it’ It is the singer’s latest work. song that she considers a turning point in her career. “It’s very satisfying to release my own single and see the acceptance from the public. People identify with my songs and ask for more and more,” Manu said in an interview with young pan. In the song, the artist performs with the music producer Suri7a. The partnership came about as she was looking for a producer to help her showcase her professional maturity in her new music. “In my room I have my home studio and Manu’s advisor came to me to do a remix for her as I also work as a DJ. She wanted to give the sound a more up-to-date face and I went in search of this change in electronic music, but without losing the essence of pop that Manu already carries,” said Suri7a.

The collaboration during the production of the song was so successful that Suri7a also released her voice. “Our tuning in on the recording was so successful that we eventually decided he would be part of the performance and sing the song,” said Manu. The producer took up the challenge, as he already had plans to explore his singing side. “I had been considering doing a project with my own vocals for a while, and while doing my first attempts, the opportunity arose to compose and produce this song with Manu,” he explained. Dancing and sensual,’Forget it’ indicates the path the singer intends to follow in music. THE young pan, Manu said her inspirations are national and international. “My references in music are several. national is the anita! I think she is a visionary, she knows where she wants to go and how to get there, I have a lot of admiration for all she has achieved and, like it or not, she has opened doors for all of us, artists, for the outdoor market,” he said. “In the ‘gringa’ I am very inspired by the Ariana Grande and further Camila Cabello, who are also two complete artists.” For the future, Manu plans new performances and fills his concert agenda. “There are a lot of new things coming this year,” he says. Watch the video of ‘Forget it’:

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