Imagine Dragons postpones concerts in Brazil after singer’s health problems

Dan Reynold’s vocal cord disease caused the band to postpone all South American tour appearances

RevelationNew play dates will be announced soon.

the american band imagine Dragons announced the postponement of the concerts he would do in Brazil In this month. The postponement was confirmed this Monday, the 17th, and will happen due to health issues with the group’s lead singer, Dan Reynolds. In a statement on social media, the band deplored the incident, saying that Dan is “struggling with a vocal cord hemorrhage and a lump” and that continuing to tour without a break “could irreparably damage his voice”. The group also said new dates will be announced, but refunds for those unable to attend will be made available. Imagine Dragons doing three shows in Brazil, one in curitiba (October 25), one in So Paulo (October 27) and another on Rio de Janeiro (29 October). In addition, the band’s concerts are on ArgentinaBee Colombia and not Chili were also postponed. Recently, the singer Justin Bieber and the band cold play also canceled and postponed the shows they were due to do in Brazil this year.

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